How to Setup your ZTE MC801A 5G router

  • The ZTE MC801A will provide you with ultra-fast 5G connection & WiFi service on all your devices anywhere in your home.

  • We’ve divided our setup guide into 3 different sections. Depending on your experience level you can skip ahead to the one you need or start right from the beginning.

    • Unboxing and Router Info
    • Plugging in and Connecting to your Router
    • Router Setup Guide
  • Unboxing and Router Info

    Indicator Lights and Interfaces

  • 1. Signal
    • On: Three lights show the signal strength. More lights on means better signals.
    • Off: There is no signal or no nano-SIM card inserted.
    2. Network
    • Red: The device is powered on but not registered to the mobile network.
    • Blue solid: The device is registered or connected to the 3G/4G mobile network.
    • White solid: The device is registered or connected to the 5G network.
    3. Wi-Fi
    • On: WLAN(Wi-Fi) works normally.
    • Blinking: WPS is activating.
    • Off: WLAN(Wi-Fi) is off.
    4. Power
    • On: The device is powered on.
    • Off: The device is powered off.
    5. WPS Key
    • Press this key to activate the WPS function.
    6. External Antenna
    • Connect to external antennas. The antenna connector type is TS-9 and antenna frequency range is from 700 MHz to 4200 MHz.
    7. Phone port
    • Connect to a telephone. (if supported)
    8. LAN ports
    • Connect to the WAN in the Cable Broadband Mode or connect to a PC.
    9. Power port
    • Connect to the power adapter.
    10. Nano-SIM card slot & reset
    • Insert your nano-SIM card.
    • Reset hole: Press and hold for about 3 seconds to restore your device to the factory settings.
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    Unboxing your Router

    In the Box you will find:

    • ZTE MC801A router
    • Power cable
    • Ethernet cable
    • Quick start guide
    • Safety warnings
  • Take a photo of the Info sticker with your cellphone before plugging in the router.
  • Plugging in and Connecting to your Router
    Follow these steps if you need assistance plugging in and connecting to your new router:
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    Prepare a valid nano-SIM card

    • Ensure you prepare the correct type/size sim card to insert into the router
  • Connect to 5Ghz for faster speeds and 2.4Ghz if you’re further from the router.
  • Router Setup Guide
    Follow these steps for help completing the setup Wizard on your new router.
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    Change Your Device Settings

    You can change the device settings by logging in to the 5G router configuration web page.
    1. View the label on your device to get the default Device Manager Website IP address and Password.
    2. Launch the Internet browser and enter the Device Manager Website IP address in the address bar.
    3. Input the password and then click Login.
    4. After the 5G router configuration web page is opened, you can change the Wi-Fi SSID, password or other settings.