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How to pay your arrears balance

  • Account in arrears?

    These things happen, and with our hassle free self-service options you can get yourself back up-to-date in a few easy clicks.

    Simply login to our self-service portal at and follow the easy guide below:

  • If you’re not sure how to log in you can follow the steps in this guide.
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    Arrears Notice

    If your account is in arrears you will see a notice showing the arrears state, as well as the outstanding balance, at the top of the screen.

  • Before you go:
    • Payments via Pay-U should reflect against your account immediately and you can say good riddance to having to send proof of payment.
    • Note that if your account was suspended it may take up to 30 minutes to be re-activated.
    • If your account was suspended for a long period of time you may need to contact our client services team if your fibre connectivity does not reactivate automatically.